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Dive into AOFverse: Unleash Your Gaming Potential!

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Dive into AOFverse: Unleash Your Gaming Potential!


Discover AOFverse with our ultimate guide, offering newcomers and veteran explorers a vibrant community, thrilling gameplay, and a cutting-edge player hub for an unforgettable adventure. Dive into the endless possibilities and make your mark in the AOFverse today!


Let’s go!

1. First Things First: Download the Game

Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Army of Tactics is an auto battler and island builder that introduces players to a captivating world where they can amass a diverse array of troops, enhance their army through upgrades, and conquer various arenas. Representing the debut mobile game of our metaverse, it also serves as a testing ground for our cutting-edge web3 integration.

2. Bind your Hub to the Wallet and Become a Co-Builder*

What’s in it for you? Unlock a world of perks, including:

    • Full access to the AOFverse Hub rewards.
    • Early access to community events.
    • Sought after, exclusive and limited-time Discord role.
    • Seamless $AFG/$AFC deposits and withdrawals
    • Access to $AFG and the chance to shape our metaverse’s future. 

How? There are two ways to achieve this:

2.1 Reach 1,200 trophies and island level 4

Click on the in-game Support  button in Army of Tactics to contact our player support team. Share a screenshot and provide the necessary information as requested.

2.2 OG Referral Program

Connect with an existing OG Co-builder from our Discord channel to refer you. As an OG Co-builder, you can introduce new members using a unique activation code. Referrals lead to $AFG rewards – a dual-tier system that compensates both direct referrals and subsequent sign-ups from those referrals.

*Newcomers’ applications may close following the Global Launch; the date for this is yet to be confirmed.

2.3 Already a Co-Builder? Upgrade to Power Builder

Power Builders hold the most powerful position inside the community. As trusted long-term members who have consistently contributed and added value and support for other members and players, power builders will have greater access and powers in the coming months and years.

Ready to unlock more rewards? Apply for this unique role through in-game support today!

Before applying, you must meet a minimum of 3 out of 6 criteria:

    • OG Co-Builder: joined us from the start, building greatness. 
    • Content Creator Extraordinaire: crafted 5 amazing AOFverse pieces. 
    • AOT Tester: helped refine and perfect through testing. 
    • Investment Guru: participated in an exclusive private sale.
    • Collaboration Champion: contributed to making AOFverse awesome. 
    • Language Maestro: broke down barriers as a language mod. 

3. Collab with AOFverse: Expand Your Horizons

Collaborate with AOFverse or associated accounts like Army of Tactics, Blick The Gobbler and Frog Pikeman. We’re looking to partner with top-tier gaming and Web3-related communities and create mutual value contributing to both your community and ours. Avoid the simple copy-and-paste approach. We seek collaborations with individuals genuinely interested in our project, those who truly want to shape the mobile gaming world alongside us.

Connect with us on various platforms:


X (Twitter) 
Army of Fortune Metaverse
Army of Tactics
Army of Fortune Game (Beta Testing launching in 2024)
Blick The Gobbler
Frog Pikeman

Blick The Gobbler
Frog Pikeman

Army of Fortune Metaverse 

4. Become a Community Content Creator

By fostering open economies, embracing digital asset ownership, and cultivating shared success, we are establishing the groundwork for a gaming ecosystem in which everyone – whether players, developers, or creators—has the opportunity to actively contribute, reap benefits, and authentically relish the evolving gaming landscape of the future.

What advantages come with being a Community Content Creator for AOFverse? Numerous benefits await you, such as:

    • Sharing your content with the AOFverse Discord community, which currently boasts over 55K members!
    • Regular assistance in amplifying your content across our official social media channels. Grow your following with us!
    • The opportunity to engage in conversations with other like-minded AOFverse Community Creators, and perhaps even collaborate with them.

Check out the Community in the menu bar and hop over to the Content Creator Kit for more information.

5. Own Your Assets: Empowering Game 3.0 Experience

A fundamental pillar of the Game 3.0 experience lies in empowering players with the unprecedented ability to seamlessly trade, sell, and strategically leverage the in-game assets they’ve diligently earned. This innovative feature not only enhances the player’s ownership and control but represents a groundbreaking shift in the industry, offering a more immersive and participatory gaming experience. Still wondering what that means? Win a demigod in the game? Sell it! Got too many crystals? Sell them! Want to use $AFC in another AOFverse game? It’s a breeze. The possibilities expand with each new game.

6. $AFC/$AFG: The Beating Heart of AOFverse

$AFC (Army of Fortune Coin) is your key to leveling up heroes, battling, and minting NFTs. The twist? Almost every use of $AFC burns it, making it rarer and more valuable. Burning $AFC also rewards you with $AFG tokens in your hub account (limited time only). The more $AFC you burn, the more $AFG you earn—a win-win situation that keeps the excitement alive!

$AFG is our premium token which is hard-capped at $1 billion. It plays a pivotal role in minting our in-game NFTs – The Demigod – and required for numerous other in-game actions at higher levels such as $AFG battle arenas, premium upgrades and the NFT marketplace (coming soon).

7. Engage in Events and Quests

Join the fun by actively participating in AOT and AOF in-game events and quests. These activities play a pivotal role in securing valuable in-game rewards and boosting your reputation within the community.

Ready to be part of the AOFverse revolution? Dive in and shape the future of gaming with us! 🚀🎮

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