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$AFC BURN GUIDE: Maximise your $AFG Rewards by burning $AFC In-Game

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$AFC BURN GUIDE: Maximise your $AFG Rewards by burning $AFC In-Game

The $AFG (Army of Fortune Gem) is the heartbeat of the Army of Fortune Metaverse. To encourage positive growth among players in the AOFverse ecosystem, players will be able to earn $AFG rewards by participating in various in-game campaigns and community events. We will design incentive methods based on different development stages to ensure that all outstanding players within the AOFverse ecosystem can receive generous $AFG rewards!

In this article you will find: 

    • AFC Burn Rewards Pool: exploring the rewards pool and earning opportunities.

    • AFC Burn Rewards Rules: understanding the Calculation of $AFG Rewards
    • Fortune Founders Key Boost Rules

    • Co-Builder Incentive: inviting Friends and maximising Rewards and becoming an OG Co-builder of Army of Tactics.

    • Receiving Rewards: claiming and utilising rewards.

AFC Burn Rewards Pool 

We’re introducing the “AFC Burn Rewards Pool,” the first of many exciting opportunities to earn $AFG rewards. Players can earn their share of the $AFG rewards pool by engaging in activities like:

    • Participating in Battles and Elite Battles.

    • Upgrading your armies or buildings.
    • Purchasing Treasure Chests

    • Crafting Demigod NFTs (not yet open).

The more $AFC you burn in these activities, the more you contribute to the vibrant AOFverse ecosystem, and in return, you’ll earn generous $AFG rewards.

AFC Burn Rewards Rule

The reward pool will be settled weekly and is split 50:50 between AFC burn rewards and referral rewards. The total amount of the $AFG reward pool will be determined based on a combination of factors including the amount of $AFC burned in that round, the activity of the ecosystem, and the number of new users. The calculation rule for the $AFC rewards earned by players is as follows:

The $AFG rewards earned by Player A = (The amount of $AFC burned by Player A during that round / Total amount of $AFC burned in that round) * Size of the reward pool * Ecosystem growth coefficient.

The ecosystem growth coefficient is a discretionary multiplier applied on top of the base pool of 10k $AFG.

Fortune Founders Key NFT Boost*

Depending on what type of Fortune Founders Key or keys you hold, you will earn an additional ‘burn boost’. This will be applied based on the  keys held in your hub-bound wallet at the time of distribution.

Boosts are applied to the amount of $AFC a player burns in the below percentages and subsequently applied to the calculations outlined above. 

Common: 5% boost
Rare: 10% boost
Epic: 50% boost
Legendary: 100% boost

Stacking (subject to change)
Currently the NFT boosts can be stacked. For example, holding 10 legendary keys will give you a 1000% boost, and holding 1 legendary and 3 common keys will result in a 115% boost.

*Please note this is still in testing phase to ensure fairness and sustainability over the long term. A cap may be introduced to ensure the fairest terms across the whole player-base.


Co-Builder Incentive

To make things even more exciting, players can invite friends to join Army of Tactics and earn even more rewards from the “AFC Burn Rewards Pool.” This is in preparation for the upcoming clan system in Army of Tactics, where active clans will receive more $AFG rewards, and the clan leader will also receive additional rewards.

Invite your friends to join Army of Tactics and bind an invitation relationship:

    1. Become an OG Co-builder of Army of Tactics.

    1. Be an active player (actively participate in battles and burn $AFC).

    1. OG Co-Builder Codes will be distributed weekly to the Role Center of active players.

    1. Help your friends download and play Army of Tactics and bind the game account with the HUB account.

    1. Friends using your OG Co-Builder Codes to become OG Co-Builders will bind the relationship.

The more $AFC your friends burn, the more additional $AFG rewards you will receive from $AFC Burn Rewards Pool. (These additional rewards will not affect your or your inviter’s $AFC burn rewards).

Receiving Rewards

The weekly pool is divided up as 50% for burn rewards and 50% for referral rewards.

$AFG rewards will be distributed through the “Rewards & Claim” section in the Hub, and unlocked according to the vesting period for ‘Player Rewards’ stated in the AOFVERSE Metapaper. Burn AFC reward will follow the vesting schedule of ‘In-Game Rewards’. Referral incentives will follow the vesting schedule of “Referral Program’. Once unlocked, players can claim their $AFG rewards by clicking the “CLAIM” button. Claimed rewards will directly enter your Army of Tactics game account, where you can use $AFG or initiate a withdrawal in the HUB to transfer $AFG to your bound wallet.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of the AOFverse and earn your share of $AFG rewards. Join us now and start your journey towards exciting rewards and adventures!